Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mencabar Diri - Part 1.

Salam semua.

Yesterday evening,i was watched tv programme in TLC channel. It was a really good show. The title is Extreme Makeover - Weightloss Edition.

The story is about Ashley,a 20th years old girl with a weight of 300+ pounds. But a year later,she succed to achieve a weight of 100+ pounds. That a huge amount and she proud of herself. If I were in her shoe,I also wil be totally 1000% proud of myself. So has she inspire me to become like her.

So I decide to challenge myself. She tooks one year to slim but I only want to take two months. So I will start effectively when I already quit from my job and stay in my hometown. Wish me luck.
Till then,kbye!

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